Marie O'SullivanOpening the Art and Healing Centre has been a dream come true for me. It has been the result of a number of years working with healing energy and becoming aware of our ability to create our hearts desires. We are constantly creating. It is up to us whether we want to create our hearts desires or not.

'You Can Heal Your Life'

It all began with a book called ’You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise L. Hay given to me by my wonderful friend Theresa Martin McCray. Little did I know that day in 1993 when I first read that book that I would open my own centre and work with people, helping them to live more fulfilled lives and to follow their dreams.

The Beginning

One day in early February 2006 a lady in my art class mislaid her glasses. She was unable to drive without them, so I gave her a lift home. As a thank you gift she gave me a couple of scratch cards. I got 3 stars on one of them and sent it in to Winning Streak. On the Saturday I said to my daughter-in-law Brid (joking) ’I have to make sure I watch Winning Streak because my card is obviously going to be picked out and I will win millions’ to which Brid replied ’What would you do if you did win millions?’ Without any hesitation I replied ’I’d open an art and healing centre in the country. (I didn’t win any money , my card wasn’t even picked out.)

However, this conversation started me thinking of the possibility of doing this.

The Next Step

I started to look up the prices of property in the country and compare them to the prices in Dublin. I decided I would be able to afford to buy something suitable if I put my mind to it. I went to my sister Noreen’s house in Athy for the Easter week-end. On Easter Monday she said ’come on and see what is on the internet for the Tipperary area (my son and his family live in Nenagh) and we can go for a drive and have a look at them.

My son was away for this week and I came up with all kind of excuses to leave it until the summer or at least until my son was home. My sister wasn’t having any of this. She kept saying it will give us something interesting to do, somewhere to go. Eventually I agreed.

We picked two houses on the internet, one in Roscrea which was very nice but I felt was too far away from Nenagh. The second house - I pulled up outside it and just knew instantly that this was it. I just fell in love with the place at first sight - no doubts - no hesitation. I went home to Dublin the next day, had my house valued and put it up for sale. I moved here in October and just know that this is where I am to be.

front of main house

It is a very beautiful place. I can watch the sun rise in the morning while I’m lying in bed (in the front of the house) and see the most magnificent sunsets from my sun room at the back of the house in the evening. It is well worth a visit both for its beauty and tranquillity. It is filled with wonderful healing energy. Everyone who comes here remarks on this.

other cottage on the grounds

I believe that this is the beginning of a very exciting and rewarding time in my life and am very grateful to have had the courage and all the wonderful support of family and friends to get me here.

This is my story so far. Your story will obviously be different but if we can have the courage to at least look into the possibility of following our dream and not constantly focusing on what we believe holds us back amazing things begin to unfold. I assumed for years that I wouldn’t be able to afford to have this centre - there is so much that we just don’t know is possible until we try.


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