ancing the rainbow coloursReiki was rediscovered in the middle of the nineteenth century by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui. It is an ancient art of using the Universal Life Force to activate our potential for self-healing. It is a non-intrusive, powerful catalyst for inner growth. It is a totally relaxing and deeply peaceful experience which supports the body’s own natural ability to heal itself by re-establishing spiritual balance and mental well-being. Those receiving Reiki sometimes drift into a deep, tranquil sleep to awake at the end of the session refreshed and invigorated.

Reiki always adjusts to the need of the receiver. It detoxifies the body and raises the vibration of the whole energy system. The energy’s inherent wisdom will find the cause of an ailment and will harmonize body, mind, emotions and spirit as needed. Reiki is a simple yet powerful healing energy. If you want a non intrusive, powerful catalyst for inner growth, Reiki may be just the thing for you.

Reiki is a hands-on treatment where the recipient can go into a deep state of relaxation , sometimes falling asleep. During the treatment the healing energy goes around the body cleansing and clearing blockages. It balances the energy in the chakras (energy centres), going where it is needed and brings about a wonderful feeling of peace. From this state we are in a much stronger position to take a closer look at our lives and see where we can improve them. Once we take the first step towards our goals wonderful things begin to happen to help us along the way.

Reiki Testimonials

"After one treatment of Reiki with Marie I felt an increase of energy. My husband noticed it too. So I decided to have three more sessions making four in total. I can honestly say that I felt more alive and energized after each treatment. Marie is a gentle person and made me feel relaxed immediately. She also has a great sense of humour. I recommend Reiki as a positive energizing treatment and it is totally relaxing. It beats working out in the gym."

Teresa O'Dwyer

"The Centre is located in a beautiful setting and this enhances the entire experience. Marie's gentle approach and her commitment to teaching Reiki to the highest standard all makes this a really beautiful experience."

Julie O'Regan

"I have done all three levels of Reiki with Marie, I was led to her as my teacher. I was freed emotionally and spiritually. It is a wonderful path knowing that I can help myself and others with Reiki. If you are drawn to Reiki go with it, you will love it."

Margaret Kelly

Attend a Reiki Session

Reiki treatments are available throughout the year by appointment.

Reiki Initiations take place over a week-end which are run throughout the year.

Please contact the Centre for information on available places.


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